Importance of Women Empowerment and How to Achieve it


Empowerment of Women is about helping them to stand on their own feet, help them take decisions in their life without any restriction of relatives or the society. This topic of women empowerment has been one of the most blazing and generally discussed issues worldwide including our own country for many years.

What is Women Empowerment?

Equility – In a word: Women’s empowerment means equality. It’s about giving women the equal freedom to make their own choices, and the opportunity for choice – without judgment.

Self Love – Women’s empowerment put simply is; enabling women to prioritise themselves and their needs to live life on their terms. This means not letting social norms, rules and other people’s expectations govern their decision making and ultimately their life.

Choice and Opportunity – Women’s empowerment is about making it possible for women to participate fully in society. It means different things in different societies and making it happen may involve making changes to laws and reshaping the views and actions of Government, business and individuals. It may be about women having the right to vote, work, access healthcare and childcare.

Why Women Empowerment is Important?

In India, women have been always made a subject of honour killings and they have never been given their basic rights for proper education and freedom. They are victims who have to face day to day violence, abuse and other several ill treatments in this male dominated society and this patriarch society. Thus, in order to empower women in our country we need to get rid of all demons in our society who are suppressing women and killing them. In India, there is a high level of gender inequality where women are maltreated by their family members as well as outsiders. According to census most of the illiterate part of our society is women.


Important Role of Education:

Hence, it can be concluded that status of women could be improved by women themselves and nobody else. In this age of science and technology, why the women should be left behind in comparison to men. The popular UNESCO slogan educate a man and you educate an individual; educate a woman and you educate a family is the most appropriate in today’s scenario.

Women will have to empower themselves from below in order to compel the government to empower them from above. There is also a need for a change of values and behaviour in the society. Education can play a most important and vital role in bringing about the required behavioural changes among women and make them well updated and equipped in terms of knowledge, competence and capacity to deal with different problems.

Organisations for Women Empowerment:

There is a huge amount of discussion and debate over women in the workplace and how they’re being treated, as well as the lack of women and diversity in general at the boardroom. There are champions of the cause like Indra Nooyi, Arianna Huffington, and others who have taken the cause of women empowerment in the workplace and talked about it at length. They’ve made significant movements in the space and have created impact that’s carried forward years’ worth of work within months. Changing the mindset of the business person is difficult; changing perceptions even more so. Women encapsulate much of what’s needed in the tech space and in other industries, with different opinions, strategies, and insights. We need more women in the workplace, not just in women-focused industries but in many other spaces too; we also need more mentors to guide them through. There are many amazing organizations like Dera Sacha Sauda that have actively taken the initiative to change the norm and are doing wonderful things to enable gender diversity and equality.

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